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My Experience With A Trainer

It was 2014, my boyfriend had just proposed and I was a bride-to-be hitting the gym so I could look good for my wedding. I had gained some "happy relationship weight" and wanted it gone for the wedding. My cousin had hired a personal trainer and told me about him. She tried to convince me to train with them but I felt like it was a waste of my money because I "already knew what I was doing." Let me remind you, I am a Health Science major, so I felt that I knew everything there was to know about losing weight and being healthy. Why would I pay someone to tell me what I already knew? Well, there was a lot I didn't know.

I continued to do it by myself and made progress but much slower than I hoped for. Meanwhile, my cousin was looking great and getting stronger. After seeing her progress, I finally decided to give the trainer a shot. Enter Johnny Diaz of Results Training. I had a know it all attitude in the beginning because "I already knew what to do." (I'm sure that probably annoyed him but trust me when I say he showed me lol). From the first few sessions, I realized I was in worse shape than I thought and, luckily for me, Johnny knew what he was doing. It wasn't long before I told my cousin that I knew he was legit. Just when I thought I had it down, Johnny corrected my form and it was a world of hurt. Good hurt, the kind that comes from efficient training. You can squat til you're blue in the face from all the reps you did, but if you did it right you only needed 2 or 3 sets to get the maximum payoff. That's what happens when you get a good trainer. Your workout becomes more efficient and effective. You see results faster when you have someone who knows what they're doing and you give it your all.

I accepted that there was still a lot I didn't know and realized I could learn a lot from Johnny. I listened to what he said and the weight was just falling right off, I was so toned and I felt incredible. My goal weight was 145lbs but I didn't get there. What I got was so much better! I was a very toned 153lbs and I looked much better than I ever did at 145lbs or below. I was so glad I had made the investment in myself, all the time and money had been worth it.

A good trainer will make this happen for you, when you put in the work of course. You can't go to session, get your butt kicked and then blow it on a bad dinner. As long as you show up to session, give it your all and stick to a healthy diet, you will see the results that you want. A good trainer will motivate you, push you, correct you and help keep you from injuring yourself. I found all of that in Johnny Diaz and that's why I knew that I would have a lasting relationship with him. I learned all of that from him and now I strive to do the same for my clients. I remember it blew my mind every time he tweaked my form just a bit and it made all the difference. Now, that's what I do for my clients and I see that same look I used to give him on my client's faces.

I recommended him to other people over the years and, when I became a trainer, he really became a mentor. I never thought I was getting all of that when I signed up for training with him but that goes to show you what a good trainer is. With Johnny, I got someone who cared about my goals and my advancement even after the trainer/client relationship had ended. For that, I am truly grateful. You can find Johnny on Instagram @resultstraining or check out his website

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