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Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipes

Whether you can't get enough of your Thanksgiving leftovers or your taste buds are already bored of them, I have a few recipes for you to try. Refresh your leftovers below 👇

Ham & Egg Breakfast

Cut ham into small squares, slice some onion and sauté together over medium/low heat. Add eggs/egg whites/or egg substitute and scramble together. Serve and enjoy or add a slice of cheese on top and then serve and enjoy 😋

Turkey & Ham Sandwich

I like to use different things instead of mayonnaise on my sandwiches. For this sandwich, I used hummus (you can also use avocado or just opt for mayonnaise). Slice ham and turkey breast and stack onto cheddar cheese. Wash and slice some tomatoes and romaine lettuce and stack it on top. Serve with potato salad or mashed potatoes 😋

Refreshed Turkey Breast & Stuffing

Sometimes turkey breast can be really dry and less enjoyable to eat if it's not fresh. I have the perfect fix for this! Dice and sauté tomato and onion and add the turkey breast over medium/low heat. Just watch the juices bring some flavor and life back into the dry turkey breast. Serve with stuffing and mashed potatoes or just stuffing if you attacked the mashed potatoes and had no leftovers like me 😋

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