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Working Out During Pregnancy

For those who don't know, I am currently on my third pregnancy. My first pregnancy ended with the birth of a beautiful baby girl, my second with a heartbreaking miscarriage and I am currently in the second trimester of my third pregnancy. They say every pregnancy is different and I could not agree more. I always thought I would be one of those pregnant women you see in the gym until they look like they're gonna pop but that was definitely not me.

In my first pregnancy, I was sick as a dog just about all nine months. The nausea was so bad that I couldn't even have a full meal most days. It seemed as if I would piece together one full meal by the end of the day while the average person ate three to four meals per day. I was sick, weak and just generally felt miserable. The second only went as far as 10 weeks but in those 10 weeks I felt so much worse than I ever did with my first pregnancy. I even had emergency room visits for dehydration because the nausea was so bad. I won't go in to too much detail, I'll save that story for another day. With my third pregnancy, I expected to feel just as bad as I had with the last two and I did for approximately three months. The nausea was crazy and I lost weight unwillingly just like I did with the last two, but then it was like I hit a wall that knocked all (or most) of the nausea right out of me. It came and went for most of the fourth month but nothing like it was before. I was able to eat again, be more productive, enjoy outings with my husband and daughter in public places and even WORK OUT! Yes, for the first time in my baby making career I was able to work out and it felt great. I did not get a work out in for the entire first and second pregnancy. The only thing I was able to do before this pregnancy was go for a quick walk with coworkers during breaks and my husband would almost have to drag me out of the house in the evenings to take a walk around the neighborhood. This time around I am able to do strength training, stretching and mild cardio. I feel so much stronger and healthier than I have during pregnancy before.

During this pregnancy I have learned to work out within my body's limits. I have been taking a pregnancy and post-partum certification course which has taught me everything I need to know about working out safely and effectively during pregnancy and I have applied all of that knowledge to myself. There are so many things to consider for pregnancy when trying to stay active. Some exercises are just not safe for pregnancy and can have serious consequences that can take months of rehab to recover from. I've learned the do's and don'ts of pregnancy workouts and how to keep yourself and baby safe. Although pregnancy symptoms still suck and I still have some bad days, I am able to keep myself and my baby active, healthy and safe. I love feeling strong and knowing that I am doing everything I can to prepare for birth and recovery after baby. It's a feeling I have not been able to experience in pregnancy before and I love the way it makes me feel. I love it so much that I decided I had to share this with the world. I got to work and created a free beginner pregnancy workout. I am pretty proud of my little workout guide and I hope it helps women start working out during pregnancy. If you or someone you know want a copy you can download it here:

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