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I Tried A Meal Prep Service

A few weeks ago, I was catching up with Johnny Diaz from Results Training, my personal training mentor (more on him another day), and he told me that another one of his previous clients, Carter, had started up a meal prep service called Nitty Gritty Cuizine. I have been super busy with different projects and my time has been limited. I try my best to cook so I don't get tempted by fast food options but that is what ends up happening sometimes if I don't have food at home. So I looked into it and decided to give it a try.

So what is Nitty Gritty Cuizine you ask? Nitty Gritty Cuizine is an awesome, woman owned, meal prep service which specializes in plant based options. I ordered the apple cinnamon overnight oats, soy-rizo bowl and salmon plate. Unfortunately I only ate the overnight oats and salmon plate because my husband stole the soy-rizo plate. Waaahhh! It's ok though because I'm sure this won't be the only time I order from them.

Here's a little review:

The overnight oats were perfect. From the moment I ordered, I hoped they wouldn't be too sweet. Let me tell you, it tasted like PURITY! No excess sugars, just the pure and natural, flavors of apple, cinnamon, oats and almond milk. The salmon plate pleased my palate and my belly. It was not over cooked or over seasoned, it was just right. This meal was filling, it was the perfect amount of rice and brussel sprouts to compliment the yummy salmon. My only problem with it is that it had the skin on and I'm not really a fan. Don't knock the salmon skin though, this is where the highest concentration of the almighty omega 3 fatty acids is so it's actually great to have it with the skin. That being said, I make myself eat it sometimes for the health benefits. So, like I mentioned earlier, my husband stole the soy-rizo bowl so I can't give you a personal account of how good it was but I can tell you this... My husband is the type of person who looks down at his plate and asks, "where's the meat?" I asked him what he thought about the bowl he said, "it was good. What was it? Beef?" LOL he didn't even realize it wasn't real meat.

Here's a list of reasons to try Nitty Gritty Cuizine:

1. These meals are delicious!

2. These meals are affordable!

3. You're too lazy to cook.

4. You're too busy to cook.

5. Support a woman owned business.

I already know what I'm ordering next: chia seed pudding, plantain bowl and soy-rizo plate. This time I won't let my husband steal it! If you are in need of a meal prep service, give Nitty Gritty Cuizine a try. Carter has decided to give you free delivery when you order, just mention this blog post. You can call Carter at 310-987-7543, visit the website or even drop them a DM on Instagram to place your order. Make sure to follow Johnny @resultstraining Carter @nittygrittycuizine and yours truly @mamacitafitnessofficial on Instagram for more on health, nutrition and fitness!

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